WisCon! WisCon! WisCon!

I *adore* WisCon. It has to be the funnest, best convention. I have had a *great* time. I love all the people here. Even the people I don’t like. It’s my community of choice. (^_^)

I also have book news! The artwork for the first novel has been nominated for a Chesley award!…

It’s here!

They started shipping CAVES OF BUDA today. Whee!

::tosses confetti::

And while I have a whole plot semi-outlined for the next novel, as well as this kick-ass format for the novel (how the chapters are going to fit together) I have no title.…


I just wrote the words “The End” at the bottom of the last chapter of SUMMER BLUE, the novel I’m currently working on.

Whoo and hoo!

Am I finished? Could I send it in its current state to my critiquers? Hell no.…

A “special” collaboration

Our friend Jeremy and his wife Sara run The Fortean Bureau, an online speculative fiction magazine. Their April First edition has a very special collaboration by Mike and I. Check it out!


For those new to this LJ, Mike Brotherton is my husband, and an author in his own right.…

More thoughts

It appears that at this point I’m posting about my grieving process, not the writing process. I really do have thoughts about the latter, how I’ve refined it over the past few years and novels. While on the one hand, it’s *my* process, no one else’s, and so I’m not sure of the benefit of talking about it, on the other hand, I’m always interested in other people’s process, so I hope it might be of interest to someone.…

I had wanted to say something intelligent, possibly witty, in this, the inaugural post of my LJ. However, a friend of mine, Katherine Lawrence, killed herself this past week, and I find that all my thoughts keep turning to her.…

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