Artist, thinker, do-er?

I’ve had to reinvent myself from time to time. That’s why the tag line for this site changes.

It was writer/traveler for the longest time.

Then it became coffee-fueled fiction.

Now, it’s artist, thinker, do-er.


Artist: I am an artist, not merely a writer. I commit art in several medium. I’ve recently finished doing the interior of a tiny house (I call it my art installation.) I create quilts. I knit. I’ve played music, painted, done gardening, lots of things. I approach life as an artist.

Thinker: I try to approach life thoughtfully. I don’t want to go through life by default. I want to live a life of choice, to be mindful of what I’m doing, how I’m living. I want to reflect on what I’m doing, why I’m doing it.

Do-er: While some people are able to achieve wisdom just through reflection, I find that I must also take action. For me, the path to wisdom is to spend some time reflecting, then go and engage again in life. To do. Then to spend time reflecting, then act again. That’s why this third word in my tagline is critical. Not just reflecting, but doing as well.