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I write fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and horror, as well as regular essays and the occasional poem.

I write both short and long fiction. It’s all available on Amazon or from other stores. You can also buy direct from me at my publishing site, Knotted Road Press

The Official Bio

Leah Cutter writes page-turning, wildly imaginative fiction set in exotic locations such as a magical New Orleans, the ancient Orient, Hungary, the Oregon coast, rural Kentucky, Seattle, Minneapolis, and many others.

She writes fantasy, mystery, science fiction, literary, and horror fiction. Her short fiction has been published in magazines like Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Talebones, anthologies like Fiction River, and on the web. Her long fiction has been published both by New York publishers as well as small presses.

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What’s New?


A Dragon’s Guide to Killing Gods (And Other Lies…)

The perfect cozy mix of dragons, myths, gods, magic, and found family.

An evil wizard tries to transform the great champion Killian into a common garter snake.

The spell misfires (or the fates intervene) and Killian instead becomes a dragon.

Swell. Now what?

Killian can’t wield his sword and lead his men into battle. Can’t speak. Can’t even shoot a majestic gout of fire but only spits a measly dribble of acid. (Which honestly? Kinda gross.)

Thus begins the tale of the dragon named Talon, and his eventual fight with a God.

Well, maybe just a demi-god.

Okay, all right. Perhaps the person in question doesn’t have any divinity at all.

He will have you know that he is Someone Important, though.

Plus all the other lies…

Welcome to this lovely cozy fantasy filled with humor, found family, and plenty of breaking of the fourth wall. Prepare to be swept away into this somewhat silly world full of wit and heart, with adventures you’ll love reading about again and again.

For fans of T Kingfisher, Casey Blair, and Lindsay Buroker.

Available on the KRP site as well as at your favorite retailers.

The Fallen ElvesFallen Elves Cover

Completed series! All books now available!

Join Tanelith the Elf as she quests for answers in a world of fallen gods and ancient mysteries, finding adventure, betrayal, allies, enemies, and eventually, redemption.

Available now!

NIMBY Universe Collection

In the 1960s the fairies, brownies, and pixies (FBP) came out of hiding and demanded equal treatment. After the All Races riots in the 1970s, humanity and the fae came to an agreement. Or several.

The stories in this collection take place many years afterward, when humans and the fae are integrated.


Friction occurs even in the smoothest of arrangements. These stories explore some of those arrangements, while staying on the lighter side.

Available at your favorite retailers!

The Year of Mystery

Every month for the year of 2021, Leah Cutter published a mystery short story. Now, they’re all collected into a single volume! 

What types of mysteries do you prefer?

Cozies? Hard-Boiled? With romantic suspense elements? Historic? Or perhaps a little harder to describe?

This collection of mysteries from Leah R. Cutter has it all! They all share that same love of Voice that she has for mystery, plus some very interesting characters who you’re sure to fall in love with, like the fast-talking Frankie (who knows everyone) or Rabbit, from the Tang Dynasty China era, with a passion for land law.

Here are twelve tales sure to amuse and delight you, lead you down mysterious paths and make you wonder, “What if?”

Available at your favorite retailers!

Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem!

I started a quarterly mystery magazine. We’ve been going strong for three years now! It’s called MCM – standing for Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem.

It’s been much more successful than I’d imagined.

The story The Blood-Red Leaves of Autumn by Annie Reed has been selected to be included in the 2022 edition of the Best American Mystery Stories! You’ll find this story (with many other amazing works) in Issue 9 of MCM, Always With Us.

The Promise by Annie Reed AND Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Joslyn Chase have BOTH been chosen for inclusion in the 2022 Year’s Best Mystery Stories! You’ll find both of these excellent stories (along with many others) in Issue 12 of MCM, Cold Cases.

PLUS – Little City Blues by Annie Reed, from Issue 7 of MCM (Long Ago) has been chosen for inclusion in the 2021 Year’s Best Mystery Stories!

Be sure to pick up all the issues and catch up with some of the best mystery fiction currently available.

MCM – So Criminal, It’s Good.

Both issues and subscriptions are available on the MCM site.

Issues are also available at your favorite retailers!

Epic Fantasy Collection

Special Kickstarter collection of Leah R Cutter’s epic fantasy novels!

Contains the following novels:

Ruins of the Gods – Book one of the The Fallen Elves

The Glass Magician – Book one of the Tanesh Empire Trilogy

A Wind-Blown Torment – Book one of Forgotten Gods Trilogy

Houses Divided – Book one of Houses of the Damned Trilogy

When the Moon Over Kualina Mountain Comes – Stand alone epic fantasy

Come someplace new, enjoy different worlds as only Leah Cutter could imagine them.

Available for sale only on Knotted Road Press.

Starter Library

Start Library Cover

Welcome to the marvelous worlds of Leah R Cutter’s imagination!

You’ll find FOUR first novels from various series, as well as a collection of short stories.

Included in this starter library:
Poisoned Pearls – the first of the Kickass Cassie novels
The Raven and the Dancing Tiger – the first of the Shadow Wars trilogy
The Changeling Troll – the first of the Seattle Trolls series
The Glass Magician – the first of the Tanesh Empire trilogy
Past All Horizons – a collection of ten of Leah R Cutter’s stories

Available at your favorite retailers!

What’s Coming?

The Witch is Inn

The Witch is Inn Cover

A vision comes to AJ just before she leaves her old life, showing her an unknown dead man.

Great. On top of breaking up with her ex, leaving her job, starting perimenopause, and going to spend the summer with her bratty younger sister, AJ worries that the stress has made her crazy.

Crazier. Something.

She determinedly goes forward to Milltown anyway, taking a job as a manager at an old inn, while trying to figure out who the dead man is and why pools of water keep glowing when she stares at them.

Seriously. Crazier.

The Witch is Inn—a cozy paranormal woman’s mystery—introduces a woman coming into her powers, the quirky characters of the charming small town of Milltown, as well as a ghost who regularly knocks things over when she wants attention, like a particularly annoying cat.

Available for pre-order at the KRP store and at your favorite retailers!