Urban/Contemporary Fantasy

The Witch’s Progress Series – Complete

Witch's Progress Series covers
Urban fantasy set in Portland. Learn more about it.

The Cassie Stories – Complete

Four Cassie Covers
Urban fantasy mystery, set in Minneapolis, where both psyonics and the gods are real. Learn more about it.

The Seattle Trolls Trilogy – Complete

Three covers Seattle Trolls
Contemporary urban fantasy with a young adult feel, set in Seattle. Learn more about it.

The Troll Wars Trilogy – Complete

Three Covers Troll Wars

Urban and epic fantasy, set five years after the events in the Seattle Trolls trilogy. Learn more about it.

The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom Trilogy – Complete

Clockwork Fairy Kingdom Trilogy Covers

Contemporary, New Adult fantasy set on the Oregon coast. Learn more about it.

The Shadow Wars Trilogy – Complete

Urban fantasy with shape shifters. Set in Seattle as well as around the world, with many historical stories about how the shadows came to be. Learn more about it.

The Chronicles of Franklin – Complete

Three Covers Franklin Novels

Magic and ghosts in the fields of rural Kentucky. Learn more about it.

Epic Fantasy

The Tanesh Empire Trilogy – Complete

Tanesh Empire Covers

Epic, dark fantasy trilogy following the twisting paths of a young wizard and an assassin. Learn more about it.

Forgotten Gods – Complete

Dark, immersive epic fantasy with three unique people – the Wind, Stone, and Sea People. Learn more about it here.

Houses of the Dead – Complete

Epic dark fantasy set in a magical world amidst greed and courage

Learn more about it.


The Halley Brown Mysteries

Dark, private investigator crime novels set in modern day Seattle.

Lake Hope Mysteries


Cozy, small town mysteries set in the Nip and Bud B&B. Learn more about it.

I also have a lot of stand-alone novels.