Uncollected Anthology

Uncollected Anthology Series

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anthology: a collection of selected literary pieces

uncollected: not collected or gathered together

oxymoron: a combination of words that have opposite or very different meanings

The Uncollected Anthology series is indeed an oxymoron. Sprung from the minds of seven fabulous authors who love fantasy, short stories, and each other’s writing, the series’ main goal is to bring you quality urban fantasy fiction.

Every three months, the authors pick a theme and write a short story for that theme. You can either buy a collected version of the stories, or buy the stories you’re most interested in individually.

Uncollected Anthology: When you can’t get enough of the stories you love.

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Issue 13: Mystical Melodies First off, there’s our fabulous guest author, Brigid Collins!

Winston’s got rhythm, just not one that anyone else dances to. If he can’t get his own off-beat magic sorted out, he’ll have a rough time taking over his deceased mother’s beloved dance school. A trip to the Ship of Wonders, the one sailing ship in the world where true magic can flourish, could reveal the catalyst he needs to find his footing. If only the magical cacophony on deck didn’t affect his stomach even worse than the pitch of the sea!

Go check out her website: http://backwrites.wordpress.com

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The Fairy Boy-Band

Oswald just wants to enjoy the peace and quiet of his suburban home.

But he can’t. Not with the stupid fairies playing music in his backyard.

Every. Single. Night.

But what can a poor human do? He agreed to the arrangement. The home owners association papers had spelled the time-share out quite clearly.

Still, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Particularly when dealing with a fairy boy-band.

At The Crossroads


“At the Crossroads,” Kristine Kathryn Rusch

An Abracadabra Incorporated Story

When Kailani arrives in Greenwood, Mississippi, for her latest job, she knows she faces a daunting task. With her job at Abracadabra Inc. on the line, she determines to rise to the challenge.

But when she tries to find the magic shop she has been sent to investigate, she finds nothing but mysteries and mirage.

She worries her magic will prove insufficient to penetrate the deception. Until she realizes her magic might be the least of her fears.

“Kristine Kathryn Rusch is one of the best writers in the field and ‘Dragon’s Tooth’ does not disappoint…Rusch gives us a delightful tale here!”

—SFRevu on Dragon’s Tooth: An Abracadabra Inc. Novella

Communication Breakdown

“Communication Breakdown,” Dayle A. Dermatis

Former Hollywood party girl Nikki Ashburne sees ghosts—in fact, many of them are her friends. Okay, they’re kind of her only friends.

So when the ghost of a 70s British rock god asks her for help finding a song he wrote for his favorite groupie…well, c’mon. What’s a girl to do but say yes?

Only one problem: Nikki’s rift with her musician brother, Ned, over the spectral secret she’s been keeping from him…

Another story in the popular Ghosted urban fantasy series featuring Nikki Ashburne. Come for the ghosts. Stay for the snark.

“One of the best writers working today.”

—USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith

Journal’s End

“Journal’s End,” Stephanie Writt

What does a twelve-year-old chess tournament junkie do when their manager/legal guardian discovers a long lost relative, eighty million times removed, that pops up and says: Hey, I want to spend time with a total stranger that I might be less related to than Jesus? And a kid?

And where is this relative? In the middle of nowhere! In an actual, honest to God, log-freaking-cabin covered in miles of snow. And no internet!

Yeah, that’s a whole lotta nope right there.

Hopefully this “relative” just wants an autograph and civilization can be returned to before any lasting harm is done.

Everyone knows that boredom kills kids.

Every day.

The Last Night at the Crowley

“The Last Night at the Crowley,” Annie Reed

People say haunted houses contain the longings and nightmares of the dead who couldn’t leave their lives behind.

But what about places where the living left parts of their souls behind? Where singers and musicians willingly played their hearts out, night after night, just for the love of music?

What haunts places like The Crowley?

Mazie’s about to find out.

Street Song

“Street Song,” Leslie Claire Walker

A haunting magical melody draws Queen Simone out of the Faery Realm and into the human world. The song triggers violence in the streets, endangering innocents—including humans she loves. All signs point to a fae source.

Can Simone find the source of the music? Can she stop it before it kills?

When the Music Play

“When the Music Plays,” by Rebecca M. Senese

Despite retirement, Edith Williams loves pawn shops.

A chance to relive lives in old artifacts. The excitement of the hunt, of the bargain. Examining the strange and unusual. Edith relishes them all on her weekly jaunts, even with her back knees.

Until she finds one special item that makes her heart sing.

A story of the power of music and hope, join Edith in “When the Music Plays.”

My Stories

Nine Lives

Nightmares of drowning crowd Merilee’s sleep. Deep, dark, endless water.

It must mean something. She is a witch, after all.

But when three men break into her house and the spell Merilee casts to escape goes horribly wrong, she has too many other things to worry about other than drowning.

Until it’s too late…

Available at your favorite retailers!

The Bee-Keeper’s Daughter

A ghostly swarm of bees haunt Elizabeth. They coat strangers in pollen while holding her still, making her watch.

Then they come for her. Sting her. Give her magical power, but at such a cost.

Why do they attack her? What do they want? And how can she make them go away?

Set in the same world as “The Midnight Gardener” and “Lost Stars”.

Part of the Uncollected Anthology series, written for the theme, “Bewitching Love.”

The Mouse Who Laughed


As a familiar, Ina expected to bond happily ever after with a single master or mistress.

Not two.

And certainly not three.

But when her current Master turns on her, attacks her, she breaks the bond and flees for her life.

What’s a poor mouse to do?

If you need a pick-me-up, “The Mouse Who Laughed” fits the bill nicely as a warm fantasy about learning to stand on your own two (or four) feet.

Available at your favorite retailers!

Candles and Shadows


Pearl’s greatest magical gift? Knowing exactly what someone needs before they do. Opening up a magic shop seemed like the perfect way to help her use her gift.

The problem? The beautiful smartly-dressed woman who just walked in.

This woman wants something. Something only Pearl can provide.

Pearl’s fear? Figuring out exactly what this woman needs. And what the cost may be…

Available at your favorite retailers!



Pauli, the most recent of the Paulaleena fairies, must creep out of the woods and renew the pact with the human mayor of the nearby city.

The pact that keeps the world safe from the Dark Ones.

The pact forged by blood.

When this human mayor insists on seeing the Dark Ones herself, they both get more than they bargained for.

Available at your favorite retailers!

Lost Stars


Wilson’s house is infested by pesky stars that dive-bomb him when he’s cooking or trying to relax.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Possibly it’s only one star. And kinda friendly, at that.

But it keeps coming at him. Disrupting his orderly life. Distracting him while he’s cooking.

He just has to deal with it. Make it behave.

He never considers the possibility that maybe it’s a sign…

Set in the same world as The Midnight Gardner.


The Sweet Shop


Tong Yi waits for something to happen—for his brother to return from the war zone, for his boss to trust him again, for his magical training to be expanded.

Something. Anything.

Then powerful wizard Uncle Bei takes him to The Sweet Shop—a magic shop more special and strange than Tong Yi has ever imagined.

Tong Yi finally returns to the war zone as well, delivering a message to a client he’d never expected.

But he must now make a decision about the war, about his place in it, about his magical training.

And everything, everything, has a price.

This novella is a sequel to the story, Dancing with Tong Yi and War on all Fronts.

War On All Fronts

War On All Fronts
By Leah Cutter

Tong Yi carries the mysterious message of Zhang Gua Loa back to his boss.

The immortal had said there would be war. But between whom? And why?

Huli Transport takes advantage of the situation to become the messenger service of choice in the war zone. They promise to remain neutral, and to deliver messages to all sides.

In the meantime, Tong Yi has battles of his own to fight, both with his older brother and his own growing understanding of magic.

But in the middle of a war, is it possible for him to remain neutral? Or has his side already been chosen for him?

This novella is a sequel to the story, Dancing with Tong Yi which appeared in Uncollected Anthology, Issue 1: Magical Motorcycles.

Available at Amazon, Kobo Books, Barnes and Nobel, and iBookstore.

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The Midnight Gardener

The Midnight Gardener
Joanie finally found her heart out in the backyard, hanging in an old fir like a Christmas ornament, covered in bees…

Now she must discover what it means to hold her heart open for another.

Available at your favorite retailers.

The Last Dancing Leaves

The Last Dancing Leaves cover

The adults claim that the electro-magnetic-pulse (EMP) knocked the world offline.

But nothing came back online afterward. And so the old world died.

Something important had changed. Rifts opened. Myst pooled in the cities and other places men lived, killing everyone, everything that didn’t flee.

Dark things live there now.

Evil things. Magic things.

But the kids know that not just evil creeps out of the myst. Good creatures come too: like the cat-woman with the tattooed fangs, the eight-legged dog boy, and the witches.

Brendon watches for the witches every year, hoping the Winter Witch will bless the blue-dragon-eggs he gathered, will hatch the beings hidden within.

For he knows they need something more to fight the myst and the creatures crawling out of it. Or else humanity is doomed.

Available at your favorite retailer.

This short story inspired the novel Of Myst and Folly.

Dancing with Tong Yi

Cover for Dancing with Tong Yi

Tong Yi works for Huli Transport, a company that specializes in rides and transportation for those who aren’t quite human.

When the newest job comes up—delivering a message to Zhang Guo Lao, one of the Eight Immortals—Tong Yi assumes the job will be tricky because the immortal likes to play games.

He has no idea that Zhang Guo Lao isn’t the only one interested in “dancing” with him.

Available at your favorite retailers.