A Dragon’s Guide to Killing Gods (And Other Lies)

Dragon's Guide Cover

The spell to transform Killian the champion fails. Instead of a worm, he’s transformed into a wyrm. Swell. Now what? Thus begins the story of Talon the dragon and his eventual battle with a god. Or something like that. It’s a lovely cozy fantasy filled with humor, found family, gods and myths, and breaking of the fourth wall. 

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The Fallen Elves

Fallen Elves Cover

Join Tanelith the Elf as she quests for answers in a world of fallen gods and ancient mysteries, finding adventure, betrayal, allies, enemies, and eventually, redemption.

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The Long Run

Covers Long Run

Leverage meets Star Trek.



And oh, yeah, cursing in Hungarian.

What more do you need from a shiny new finished science fiction series?

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The Complete Labors of Darius Linard

Complete Labors CoverDarius loses everything. His father, his spaceship, even the portion of the astroid belt he’d claimed.

Now, as an indentured slave, he must work his way out of servitude.

Luck has the most awesome way of intervening, though.

This exciting new space adventure series has it all—mouthy space pirates, a scrapy kid down on his luck, and of course, aliens.

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Past All Horizons – Science Fiction from BSQ Volume 1

Boundary Shock Quarterly (BSQ) has been publishing some astounding Science Fiction, four times a year, for five years now.

This collection brings together all of the stories written by Leah R Cutter, published in BSQ during the first four years.

Come travel past all known horizons, to new worlds and civilizations, as only imagined by Leah R Cutter!

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