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Me Too


I haven’t been able to respond to this campaign–too many feelings, too much else going on. But yes, I’ve been sexually assaulted. I’ve had my boobs and butt grabbed numerous times. I had one drunk at a party insist on giving me a hug, then biting my shoulder so hard he left bruises. …

Scary Times Coming!

No, nothing too fearful. Just that Halloween is coming, and I’m part of a bundle designed to get you in the mood! The Fear bundle starts today, at StoryBundle:

This bundle has fear in many forms, such as rabid vampires, serial killers, tainted magic, and worlds gone mad.…


Last week I had one migraine. As in singular. Despite the fact that my cycle started (and finished) last week.

I’ve had two migraines associated with my cycle for a really long time. Possibly a decade or more.

But I only had one migraine last week.…

Pushing Limits

Despite how crazy this last week has been, I wanted to announce that I had NO HEADACHES last week.


This is astonishing to me. Particularly given how I was pushing my limits Even if I didn’t have a severe headache or something, I normally would have had some sort of minor, vague pain behind my eyes.…