Essay – Having Brain. Again.

I went on the carnivore diet about six months ago. About two months in, I suddenly had brain again, was able to write as I had been in the before times. My daily word count has gone back to 3000 words a day, instead of 1500 a day.…

Essay – Dealing With Distractions

Honestly, I’m not that great at dealing with distractions in my life. When I have a writing habit going, you would think it would be easier. Particularly since I’m loving the book I’m currently writing. (Have I mentioned how much fun this cultivator book is?…

All About the Eyes. Again.

Six months ago, I had cataract surgery on both eyes, and new lenses put in.

Since then, I’ve had three issues with my eyes.

  1. Glare. Every bright light source has glare. It isn’t just at night. Driving on a sunny day, the brake lights on the car in front of me will have a large halo and glare.

Essay – Writing Short

Earlier this week, Blaze and I went out to breakfast and started talking writing and publishing.

I know, y’all are so surprised at that.

In addition to talking over some of the things that we are planning on doing next year, we got onto the subject of craft.…

Essay – Fall Prep 2023

I am glad that I live in the times that we do, for the most part, jokes aside about this being the worst timeline possible.

I think about this, particularly in the fall. While there are some fall preparations that I need to do, I’m not spending time hoping that I’m harvesting enough food to see me through the winter.…

This and That and Stuff

Because of my change of diet, I’ve had long stretches of feeling good, of being able to write. This has spoiled me, at least in terms of writing essays.

Used to be that I’d always write my essays on Sundays because I never knew if I’d be able to produce them on Thursdays.…

Essay – That Carnivore Thang

I’ve been on a carnivore diet for about six months now. Still going strong. Figured I’d report in on what’s happening with it.

First of all, I’m not what I would call 100% carnivore. I figure on any given day I consume between 90-95% of my calories from meat and meat by-products, like eggs and the occasional bit of cheese.…

Essay – On Starting Over

Fall is definitely in the air around here. It’s been beautiful. The days are nice and warm, sunny and beautiful, while the nights are crisp and chilly. Leaves are starting to change, brilliant reds and golds peeping out amongst the green.