Essay – Supplements

I take a lot (A LOT) of supplements. Some I take because I think they’re good for me. Others I take because they make a noticeable difference in my health.

This list is current as of June 2024. I’m only listing the supplements that I take that make a difference in my health, as well as the amounts.…

Essay – Extroverting

Because I’m still recovering my emotional resilience, I’m hyper-aware of those things that I consider “extroverting,” that is, those things that take more energy than they’re putting in.

For example, it takes some amount of energy to grill something. The planning takes the largest percentage of that energy.…

Essay – Managing Expectations

I am generally quite organized and able to accomplish a lot of things.

A lot.

Right now, that isn’t possible. It has nothing to do with being disciplined or more focused. I literally don’t have the time or the brain space/capacity to do more than I currently am.…

Essay – A Tale of Two Eyes

I’ve now had the YAG laser procedure done in both eyes.

OMG, I can see again! This morning, I was able to decrease the zoom on my Word document and could still make out the text. Almost all the glare is gone out of the second eye—it took a few days for the first eye, so I figure by the end of the week, the glare will be completely gone.…

Essay – Achievement Unlocked – Menopause!

 Last week I reached the one-year anniversary since my last menstruation period.

This means I am officially out of perimenopause and into actual menopause.


I went into perimenopause when I was thirty-nine. Twenty-three years ago.


My doctor at the time told me that it was impossible for me to be in perimenopause because I was too young.…

Essay – Mexican Food and Me

I had amazing food while we were in Mexico. I did not try to follow my carnivore diet while I was there. I wanted to experience all the things.

My husband and I joked about trying to get all the squares to make bingo, in terms of eating at different types of establishments.…

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