Essay – Managing Expectations

I am generally quite organized and able to accomplish a lot of things.

A lot.

Right now, that isn’t possible. It has nothing to do with being disciplined or more focused. I literally don’t have the time or the brain space/capacity to do more than I currently am.…

Essay – A Tale of Two Eyes

I’ve now had the YAG laser procedure done in both eyes.

OMG, I can see again! This morning, I was able to decrease the zoom on my Word document and could still make out the text. Almost all the glare is gone out of the second eye—it took a few days for the first eye, so I figure by the end of the week, the glare will be completely gone.…

Essay – Achievement Unlocked – Menopause!

 Last week I reached the one-year anniversary since my last menstruation period.

This means I am officially out of perimenopause and into actual menopause.


I went into perimenopause when I was thirty-nine. Twenty-three years ago.


My doctor at the time told me that it was impossible for me to be in perimenopause because I was too young.…

Essay – Mexican Food and Me

I had amazing food while we were in Mexico. I did not try to follow my carnivore diet while I was there. I wanted to experience all the things.

My husband and I joked about trying to get all the squares to make bingo, in terms of eating at different types of establishments.…

Essay – On Travel

Essay – On Travel

I started this Patreon with the idea that I’d be doing a lot of traveling, and I wanted to invite y’all to come with me.

Then the pandemic happened, and I stopped traveling.

I’m going to Mexico this week.…

Essay – Aggressive Self-Care

As you may or may not know, I’ve had a lot (A LOT) of stress recently. So many, many stressy things. In addition to that, I’ve injured myself more than once recently, so I haven’t been able to walk or exercise, which is one of the ways I deal with stress.…

Essay – Farewell to Hydroponics

Every year, generally for the first essay of the year, I do a piece about my hydroponics system. I purposefully delayed the essay this year because it’s going to be a bit different.

This is probably the last time I’m doing an essay about all the hydroponic plants because they’re all going away.…