Essay – Moving On

I’ve been working on the current novel for about a month, now. I just checked the date.

It feels as though I’ve been working on it a lot longer than that. This is mainly because I’ve been so frustrated with this thing, kind of from the start.

Essay – Black Swan Events

Ten days ago, I came down with COVID. I might have been showing symptoms the day before I got really sick, as I had something of a sore throat. That also might have been psychosomatic. We knew that my husband had it, and so I kept imagining symptoms.

Essay – Two Novel Writing Engine

When I first started writing seriously, over twenty years ago, I used to say that I had a two-book writing engine.

At that time, I was writing historic fantasy. That meant a lot (A LOT) of research. This is before the internet, so I was always haunting used bookstores for history books about the time frame I was looking for.

Finally Recovering

It’s day six of COVID. I feel as though I’m making good progress on the recovery front.

The first time I had COVID, I was sick for seven days, then took another seven days to recover.

This time, I appear to only have been really sick for four days.

Essay—Making Shrubs

We had a lot going on this summer, between traveling and other things. Both my husband and I have been looking forward to having more calm life come fall.

After, of course, the flurry that occurs during the harvest.

There were so many things that we thought we might be able to harvest this spring.…

Proof of Life…

Get Better on WhiteboardGet Better on Whiteboard

COVID day 2 has been sucking pretty badly. Worse today than yesterday. Today’s the day when my face hurts because I’m so congested, and all my joints ache as well.

Fingers crossed that this is the worst of it, that tomorrow I’ll start feeling better.