For decades, I’ve called myself a writer/traveler.

It was the tagline of this website since the start.

However, I’ve learned that while I still travel (a lot!) I don’t enjoy writing about it.

Yet, it’s the basis for who I am. What I do.

Travel, for me, isn’t just going to New Zealand (like I did in January 2014) or taking the big trip (from 1992 – 1995) or going to Iceland or Chile or…

Travel for me is also exploring your local environment. Acting as a tourist in your own town. I’ve done a lot of the local tours. I plan on doing more.

Travel, for me, is as much of a mindset as anything else. Trying new things. Exploring. Not being stuck in a routine.

Ages ago, I started what I call, “the anti-stodgy” routine. So I don’t end up, well, old. So I’ll still be willing to experiment.

I make it a point to try something new once a month. Like tooth powder. A new restaurant. Going paddle boarding. Taking a tour of a chocolate factory. Just something new and different.

That is what travel is all about.

As for writing, well, I write because I’m still breathing. Will probably stop writing when I stop breathing. Not before. Possibly not after, but we’ll see.

I don’t necessarily write about the traveling I do in the real world. At least not here. I do that over on my Patreon. In addition, I want to be your tour guide when it comes to all the fiction. This is why my newsletter is all about “come someplace new.” It isn’t about sending you alone on your journeys through my various worlds. It is instead about “let me show you.” Come with me. Let’s explore together. I want you to take this journey with me.

So come someplace new. Travel and explore with me.

Do you enjoy exploring strange new worlds, new cultures, new people?

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