Whoa! You write a lot of books. You have 25 30 HOW many novels? Which should I read first?

I hear the (above) question a lot. My general response is, “What do you like to read?”

I’ve determined that I appeal to many different types of readers. However, I don’t think that all readers will like all of my books.

I write books that readers can’t put down. More than one reviewer has talked about my “page turning fiction”. In addition, reviewers have called my work, “wildly creative.”

So take a chance on something new. Something different. Something that will leave you guessing during the middle, but satisfied by the end.


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cutter_theravenandthedancinttiger600x900If you like contemporary fantasy with shape shifters and wildly different magic, you might like The Shadow Wars trilogy: The Raven and the Dancing Tiger, The Guardian Hound, and War Among the Crocodiles.



Clockwork KingdomAlong those same lines, I have other contemporary fantasy set on the Oregon coast. The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom, The Maker, the Teacher, and the Monster and The Dwarven Wars.



Chances are that if you liked the above books, you’ll like the Seattle Trolls trilogy too: yet another contemporary fantasy set in Seattle, WA. The Changeling Troll, The Princess Troll, and The Fairy Bridge Troll. Then the series continues with a second trilogy, The Troll Wars: The Troll-Demon War, The Troll-Human War, and The Troll-Troll War.




If you like spicy urban fantasy, with explicit content, you might enjoy Siren’s Call, set in modern-day New Orleans.




The Cassie novels are fast-paced science fiction/fantasy/mystery, where it gets weird. If you liked the above books, you may or may not like these. They’re set in an alternative Minneapolis, where psychics are real (and regulated by the government) and the gods are real as well. Poisoned Pearls, Tainted Waters, Spoiled Harvest and Bloodied Ice complete the series.



Zydeco Queen and the Creole Fairy CourtsGoing a little further down stream with a novel that’s more immersive, less fast paced, you might enjoy Zydeco Queen and the Creole Fairy Courts, which is set in rural Louisiana. And the land of Fairee.




Though these books are contemporary fantasy, they offer a much different experience. I won’t say slower (did I mention that I tend to write page-turning fiction?) but much more immersive. If you liked the faster-paced contemporary fantasy listed above, you may or may not like these, which are set in rural Kentucky. Franklin Versus The Popcorn ThiefFranklin Versus The Soul Thief, and Franklin Versus The Child Thief.



A Sword's PoemIf you like historic Asian fantasy, I would recommend Paper Mage or A Sword’s Poem. These books are more immersive.




The Jaguar and the WolfSticking with the historic fantasy corner, you might also enjoy my other two historic fantasy novels: The Caves of Buda and The Jaguar and the Wolf.




Going even further afield, there’s one of my epic dark fantasies, set in a world of my own making with a South Pacific feel–When the Moon Over Kualina Mountain Comes.



Then I have another dark epic fantasy, the Tanesh Empire Trilogy. Set in a world of my own making with a Turkish feel. The Tanesh Empire Trilogy




Do you prefer mysteries? Try my collection The Shredded Veil Mysteries where the main character is not only a private investigator, but also a ghost.




Of Myst and FollyAnd then it gets weird. I’ve written a post-apocalyptic fairy tale, Of Myst and Folly, which was inspired by the short story, The Last Dancing Leaves. There’s also a prequel to this story, Of Rifts and Myst that you can read for free here.


All of my works are listed over on Knotted Road Press.