Whoa! You write a lot of books. You have 25 30 HOW many novels? Which should I read first?

I hear the (above) question a lot. My general response is, “What do you like to read?”

I’ve determined that I appeal to many different types of readers. However, I don’t believe that all readers will like all of my books. A few will. Not all of them.

I write books that readers can’t put down. More than one reviewer has talked about my “page turning fiction.”  In addition, reviewers have called my work, “wildly creative.”

So take a chance on something new. Something different. Something that will leave you guessing during the middle, but satisfied by the end.


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Genres I write In

These are the primary genres that I write in, that I have novels and novel series for.

Urban/Contemporary Fantasy

Everything from rich, personal, deep books to explosive energy. Language for these books also goes from PG to R, depending on the series. But I trust the reader to figure out which books work for them. 

Epic Fantasy

These books tend to be darker in tone. I don’t write fun, light-hearted epic fantasy.


I have cozies, paranormal women’s fiction (so magic and mystery), as well as a PI series. Plus I have many mystery collections of short stories around a particular character.

Science Fiction

I have a few SF novels at this time. They do tend to be lighter and more humorous.

So what do you like to read? The Novels page lists all the series, the stand-alone page lists all the individual novels that aren’t in a series.

And you can buy them all from me, at the KnottedRoadPress shop.

Do you enjoy exploring strange new worlds, new cultures, new people?

Come someplace new! Journey into the various lands envisioned by Leah Cutter.

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