In addition to all the trilogies and series, I also have a lot of stand alone novels.

Dragon's Guide Cover

A Dragon’s Guide to Killing Gods (And Other Lies)

The spell to transform Killian the champion fails. Instead of a worm, he’s transformed into a wyrm. Swell. Now what? Thus begins the story of Talon the dragon and his eventual battle with a god. Or something like that. It’s a lovely cozy fantasy filled with humor, found family, gods and myths, and breaking of the fourth wall. Read More.

The Labors of Darius

This exciting new space adventure series has it all—mouthy space pirates, a scrapy kid down on his luck, and of course, aliens. Read More

Borrowed Time Cover

Borrowed Time

Contemporary fantasy of a witch who transforms into a cat and can’t transonform back. Read More

Origins: Huli Intergalactic

Science Fantasy novel about the very beginnings of space travel, using portals. Read more.

The Strawberry Girl

Science Fantasy about one girl’s struggles to survive that intersection of magic and mundane on an alien planet. Read more.

The Harps of the Six Kingdoms

Dark epic fantasy novel about one man’s fury. Read more.

The Immortals’ War

A Huli Transport novel. Chinese urban fantasy, set in Taiwan. Read more.

Of Myst and Folly

Of Myst and Folly

A post-apocalyptic fairy tale. Read more.

A Sword's Poem

A Sword’s Poem

Historic fantasy set in Heian era Japan. Read more.

When the Moon Over Kualina Mountain Comes

Dark epic fantasy in a Pacific-islands inspired world. Read more.

Siren's Call

Siren’s Call

Urban fantasy set in New Orleans. Read more.

Zydeco Queen and the Creole Fairy Courts

Zydeco Queen and the Creole Fairy Courts

Contemporary fantasy set in Louisiana. Read more.

Paper Mage new cover

Paper Mage

Historic fantasy set in Tang dynasty China, around 837 A.D. Read more.

The Caves of Buda

Caves of Buda

Fantasy set in both modern day and historic Budapest, Hungary. Read more.

Jaguar and the Wolf Cover

The Jaguar and the Wolf

Historic fantasy set in the Yucatan Peninsula, involving both Mayans and Vikings. Read more.