I have loved coffee for a really long time.

Coffee, however, no longer loves me. So I’ve had to change my tagline again.

This is the old page for the old tagline, because I didn’t want to get rid of it, though it’s no longer current.




I love coffee.

No, really.

I regularly geek out over coffee.

Don’t believe me?

We’ll start with the altar to coffee that I have set up on my counter. It includes a hand-grinder and an areopress.

Then we’ll move to the tea kettle I use for boiling water, that comes with its own built-in thermometer, so that the water is always at the correct temperature.

Past that, there’s the coffee roaster. I buy my own green coffee beans and roast them in small batches. That way my coffee beans are always fresh. (And yes, I can taste the difference.)

Then there’s the grimoire, that contains all the information I record about ever roast. The temperature. The humidity. The amount of beans. The speed of the fan. The heat of the roaster. The time. Etc.

Did I mention that I oh-so-very-easily geek out over coffee?

I do.

Over on my blog, you’ll see regular Coffee Reports, where I talk about a particular roast. Or a roasting technique. Or a new bean. Or…

You get the idea.

Coffee-Fueled Fiction.

It isn’t just a tagline. It’s a life-style.