So Criminal, It’s Good.

Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem (MCM) is a quarterly mystery magazine. We are a Syndicate of over a dozen mystery authors, writing stories inspired by a single theme.

Some of the issues stick to a single genre of mystery, such as the first issue, Private Eyes. It’s all about the private investigator. The second issue, Thieves has many genres in it, including cozy, hard boiled, and straight up crime.

GOOD NEWS!!! The story The Blood-Red Leaves of Autumn by Annie Reed has been selected to be included in the 2022 edition of the Best American Mystery Stories! You’ll find this story (with many other amazing works) in Issue 9 of MCM, Always With Us.

The Promise by Annie Reed AND Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Joslyn Chase have BOTH been chosen for inclusion in the 2022 Year’s Best Mystery Stories! You’ll find both of these excellent stories (along with many others) in Issue 12 of MCM, Cold Cases.

IN ADDITION: The Missing by Leah R Cutter was listed on the Honor Roll in the 2022 Year’s Best Mystery Stories! It was also in Issue 12 of MCM, Cold Cases

PLUS: Little City Blues by Annie Reed, from Issue 7 of MCM (Long Ago) has been chosen for inclusion in the 2021 Year’s Best Mystery Stories!

In addition, this story was also on the short list for the Derringer awards!

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