Last week, I got sick for a couple of days. A little sniffly, not too bad. Primarily just felt crappy.

On Thursday, I woke up feeling better. Started doing some yoga. Quickly realized that inverting was dangerous. As in, okay, I need to get out of this position, sit on the floor for a while, and try not to throw up.…

All About the Eyes. Again.

Six months ago, I had cataract surgery on both eyes, and new lenses put in.

Since then, I’ve had three issues with my eyes.

  1. Glare. Every bright light source has glare. It isn’t just at night. Driving on a sunny day, the brake lights on the car in front of me will have a large halo and glare.

All About the Eyes and This Morning’s Near Miss

TLDR version:

I will have cataract surgery sometime in the next three months, to replace the lenses in my eyes. Plus, avoided an accident this morning.

Longer Version:

Last April, 2022, I was diagnosed with cataracts. I’d asked before about them, as my brother had them and my grandmother as well, but no doctor ever told me I had them or needed to worry about them.

Finally Recovering

It’s day six of COVID. I feel as though I’m making good progress on the recovery front.

The first time I had COVID, I was sick for seven days, then took another seven days to recover.

This time, I appear to only have been really sick for four days.

Proof of Life…

Get Better on Whiteboard

COVID day 2 has been sucking pretty badly. Worse today than yesterday. Today’s the day when my face hurts because I’m so congested, and all my joints ache as well.

Fingers crossed that this is the worst of it, that tomorrow I’ll start feeling better.

Eye Report – Six Months

For those of you playing along at home, about six months ago I got diagnosed with fast-growing cataracts. Doctor said I’d need to get my lenses replaced in three to five years. One of the other things about fast-growing cataracts is that they start in the center of the lens.