Finally Recovering

It’s day six of COVID. I feel as though I’m making good progress on the recovery front.

The first time I had COVID, I was sick for seven days, then took another seven days to recover.

This time, I appear to only have been really sick for four days.

Proof of Life…

Get Better on WhiteboardGet Better on Whiteboard

COVID day 2 has been sucking pretty badly. Worse today than yesterday. Today’s the day when my face hurts because I’m so congested, and all my joints ache as well.

Fingers crossed that this is the worst of it, that tomorrow I’ll start feeling better.

Eye Report – Six Months

For those of you playing along at home, about six months ago I got diagnosed with fast-growing cataracts. Doctor said I’d need to get my lenses replaced in three to five years. One of the other things about fast-growing cataracts is that they start in the center of the lens.

Hand Update

For those of you playing along at home, I’ve been having some problems with my left thumb. I went to see a hand surgeon in February. He diagnosed arthritis.

Yesterday, I went to see a hand therapist. This is not a general physical therapist who does hands.

The Right Brace

As y’all may recall, I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis in my left thumb. I had originally been concerned as I was in some pain and there wasn’t going to be a lot that anyone could do about it. The surgery didn’t sound like fun either.