For me, 2014 was kinda awesome.

I quit the day job. Started writing full time. Fell deeper in love with my sweetie. Wrote some great stories, things I’m really proud of. Traveled to New Zealand, as well as returned to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Was only sick twice (TWICE!!! When I used to get sick once every 4-6 weeks…) Went to some workshops. Had some parties. Lived a good life.

The numbers:
–Wrote 458,000 words (7 novels, lots of short stories, and one business book)
–Had short stories published in two anthologies
–Published three other writers besides myself
–Wrote three stories for the Uncollected Anthology series

And on it goes.

For 2015, I have some grand fun planned.
–Write 600,000 words
–Get married in July
–Attend Sasquan and Orycon 37 (will make an appearance at Norwescon–but you might only see me in the bar.)
–Publish even more writers other than myself (have a couple in the lineup already)
–Publish a series of business books

I have other goals, fitness goals (continue to walk approximately 10,000 steps per day, do 20 pushups every morning, build my way up to 10 pull ups & 10 chin ups) and more publishing goals, etc.

But the primary writing goal, beyond the numbers, is to have fun. If I’m having fun writing, then I don’t need any discipline to write a lot of words. I find myself pulled back to the keyboard. It’s a great feeling. I want to continue to expand on that, really put it into practice this year.

I hope that all of you had a great 2014 and are looking forward to 2015!