Keep on rolling

One of the smarter decisions I’ve made recently was to switch to writing short stories. I knew that while changing to the new position would be awesome, it would also be a “life roll” — basically, something that happens in your life that will prevent or slow down your writing.

I haven’t stopped writing. But I’m not writing consistently, not publishing a short story a week. Tomorrow or the next day I will put up the links for “The Piano Time Rag,” a short story I finished recently. (It’s only up at Smashwords currently. And I’m labeling it as a short story, but it’s 9600 words long.) I’m 3000+ words into the next Hell ‘verse story (“Postcards From Hell” which will also probably end up being between 8-9000 words long.)

I’m also traveling next week, and this year, I don’t have to finish a short story the weeks I’m traveling. I may finish it anyway — we’ll see. And then I’ll write the next one. I’m kind of excited about the open possibilities, and I want to take advantage of this time, and write some cool stuff. I have so many ideas!

So even though this is a life roll, I’m still going to keep writing as much as I can, while at the same time, not stressing myself out about it or making myself crazy.

Now, a few last SYTYCD thoughts. Spoilers under the cut.