The Hunger Strike

Years ago, I used to have problems with my kitty, Kiera, not using her litter box to poop in. She almost always used it to urinate – I think there’s been a grand total of three times when she hasn’t.

In order to get her to use her litter box more regularly, I started praising her a lot every time she pooped in her litter box, as well as giving her treats.

Happy Cataversary to Me!

Kiera early days

Kiera early days

Yesterday marked the ninth anniversary of me bringing my darling kitty, Kiera, home from the shelter. They estimated she was a year and a half old, but didn’t know for certain, as she was kind of small. I’ve always considered the anniversary of bringing her home kind of her birthday. So she’s about 10 now.

She’s a happy kitty, though of course she would maintain that her minions are very poorly trained. I had a health scare with her recently, but she seems to be fine now. She’s a bit more neurotic than most cats. She’s also really smart, comes when she’s called, and seems to understand much of what I say to her.

She’s my constant companion, frequently wanting to hang out in whatever room I’m in. She makes me laugh, and nothing else gives me as much contentment as when she’s curled up next to me, purring.

Fair warning – LOTS of pictures ahead!