Story Inspiration Sunday

(Subtitled: Novel plotting edition)

My short story assignments haven’t come yet. This is good — it means I’ll finish the current novel before they arrive.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been working on another novel as well. I’ve often said that I have a two-plot novel brain: While I’m writing one novel, I can generally also spend time noodling around and plotting out a second novel. I can’t do more than two at a time, though. I also can’t write on more than one novel at a time, and I envy those who can!

So–let tell you a secret.

It’s just us, right?

Free Fiction Monday — Sipping Wishes

Next Tuesday, November 12th, my new novel, Siren’s Call will be available!


Siren's Call

Here’s the blurb:

Kai never met Mama. But based on her own abilities, and those who call her kin, she knows Mama wasn’t human.

Kai finds things. In post-Katrina New Orleans, everyone’s lost something, though most can’t afford to pay.

Kai’s latest client, a siren, hires Kai to find her sister. Sirens need both men and water, and can call them.

The kidnapped sister is being held on dry ground…

…while another storm brews off the coast of New Orleans.

To tempt you further, here’s the prologue of the novel. It also stands alone as a short story, called, Sipping Wishes.