Story Eats Writer’s Brain: News At 11

I hope ya’ll can hear the sarcasm that accompanies that headline. It really isn’t news. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again. And again and again.

I really liked the last story I did. It was fun and light and humorous. Not a laugh a minute, but still some parts that I at least found funny.

This story, though, is eating my brain. It’s only coming one scene at a time, but each of those scenes is so compelling I must sit down and write them now. The first three scenes are done, and it’s about 1500 words, which is the right length. (Nine scenes all averaging 500 words.)

This story is my “breaking the rules” story. I’m doing everything wrong on purpose: switching POV characters, killing off POV characters, switching tenses, making up my own words, etc. This is a story that I doubt I’d ever be able to sell anywhere. I am also in love with it right now, and think it’s a great story that will have an audience (though it might be a small one.)

Readers are smart. They know what they like. They’ll find it. I trust the reader.

Because I love this story so much right now, I’m going to share a couple small pieces with you. The title is: The Secrets of 9s: a tale of anarchy broken into 9 bits

This story is more graphic, in terms of bodily functions, fluids and the number of dead bodies than most of my stories. Please click or do not according to your self-health.