I figured I wrote about 2500 words tonight, which, yay!

This makes the current story over 10,000 words long. Uhm, yay?

I still have at least one scene left to write. No, probably two. Hopefully they’ll both be shortish. So maybe I’ll finish this in less than 12,000 words.…

Keep on rolling

One of the smarter decisions I’ve made recently was to switch to writing short stories. I knew that while changing to the new position would be awesome, it would also be a “life roll” — basically, something that happens in your life that will prevent or slow down your writing.

I haven’t stopped writing. But I’m not writing consistently, not publishing a short story a week. Tomorrow or the next day I will put up the links for “The Piano Time Rag,” a short story I finished recently. (It’s only up at Smashwords currently. And I’m labeling it as a short story, but it’s 9600 words long.) I’m 3000+ words into the next Hell ‘verse story (“Postcards From Hell” which will also probably end up being between 8-9000 words long.)

I’m also traveling next week, and this year, I don’t have to finish a short story the weeks I’m traveling. I may finish it anyway — we’ll see. And then I’ll write the next one. I’m kind of excited about the open possibilities, and I want to take advantage of this time, and write some cool stuff. I have so many ideas!

So even though this is a life roll, I’m still going to keep writing as much as I can, while at the same time, not stressing myself out about it or making myself crazy.

Now, a few last SYTYCD thoughts. Spoilers under the cut.