Story Inspiration Sunday

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This week, I’m afraid, is again going to be about a different type of inspiration.

However, this week was also very different.

I hadn’t planned it this way. It was my choice.

This week turned out to be the last week I worked my day job.


Let me explain.

Let’s sum up

–I went ahead and bought a Kindle for myself for my Christmas present. After 3+ days of reading on my phone every spare minute I’m suffering from some pretty bad eye strain.

–The day job continues to be a complicated distraction.…

The wheel turns

Today is my last day with Oracle/PeopleSoft. I’m sad, relieved, happy — just a whole bunch of things.

This post is mostly for those who might be checking out my blog (LJ) for the first time. Welcome! There is a lot of blather about the most recent novel here, and not much else I’m afraid.…