Story Inspiration Sunday

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One of my favorite sites for microscopy images is Dennis Kunkel’s site.

Fair warning: This site is huge. It can be a time suck, because once you click into it, you start going through pages and pages of the most fascinating images.

Me–I prefer looking at crystals, algae, etc. Thinking about bacteria that may or may not be living on my skin is disturbing.

Story Inspiration Sunday

I am not much of a cook: I do much more assembly, when it comes to meals, as opposed to actual cooking.

Though that actually depends on your definition of cooking.

For example, I do make my own chicken broth. I save bones in the freezer, and when I get enough, I throw them into a pot with a bottle of the cheapest white wine I can find, along with some vinegar and water. I cook it for hours, letting it simmer and reduce. When it cools, it will have a gelatinous layer–all the calcium cooked out of the bones. I freeze the broth, and use it for crockpot stews. It’s also my beverage of choice if I have a bad cold.

Contrast that with my dinners. I cook all the meat for the week on the weekend, then I just reheat with veggies or salad. Assembly, not cooking.

But I was thinking about how food inspires writers and other creative types.

(Warning! Pictures and content below the cut may make you hungry!)

Story Inspiration Sunday

As a child, I told long, involved, and very complicated stories involving my animals. (I wasn’t much into dolls, but I did have a collection of different stuffed toys.) The teddy bear–Pooh Bear–was always the prince, and who often needed rescuing. Generally it was the horses who would get him out of whatever situation he was in, or sometimes, Ziggy the clown.

As part of that story telling, we describe things, like where a character lives, or what they see.

One of the things that inspires me, is to see a picture, then think about how I would describe that accurately in a story.

Story Inspiration Sunday

Today, I figured I’d turn back to one of my first loves, fashion. I also do these blogs over on the Book View Cafe blog. Feel free to comment here or over there.


I adore the way her skirt flares up, how like a bird she is, and yet, so powerful. Though she’s in black, and backlit, my first thought is, “how do I take such a being who is poised for evil and portray her as good”?

Story Inspiration Sunday

I blog about this both here and over at Book View Cafe. Feel free to comment either here or over there.

When I moved into my house about three years ago, I had no idea that I was horribly allergic to a plant in the front yard.

I didn’t find out about it until after I’d been there a year. I had spent most of a Sunday puttering in the yard, both in the front and the back. Later that night, my arms itched and hurt. When I finally stopped to look, I found I had welts running across them. It looked as though I’d been whipped.

It wasn’t until I brushed up against the demon plant a second time that I was able to pinpoint the culprit.