Free Fiction! The Third Raven

Here it is — the twelfth story in twelve weeks: The Third Raven.

The raven clan takes pride in three things: the education of their children, the fierceness of their warriors, and how they care for their own. However, Pedrek, a retired raven warrior, finds a raven clan boy alone in a remote mountain village, ignorant of his heritage as well as cursed: looking like a dreaded half-breed, with one human arm and one black raven’s wing.

Half a Dozen anthology available!

In addition to Caves of Buda being available now as an ebook, I’ve also gathered the first six stories from the Baker’s Dozen challenge into an anthology.

What’s it called? Half a Dozen of course.

Travel to cold Seattle and the see the world from the viewpoint of a private investigator who just happens to be a ghost, then go down to the creole fairy courts of Louisiana, visit with women who may or may not have cloven feet and others who just need to slip outside of what’s always expected of them.