2013 Publishing, Wot I Did, Wot I’m Going To Do

I listed the totals of what I published over here. Under the cut is the expanded list of everything I published, with links.

One of the things I learned while putting together the list: I didn’t blog about at least three of the things I published this year. For example, I never posted about the trade paperback version of “The Caves of Buda” being available, as well as missed two short stories, and some other things.

In 2013, I will make more of an effort to blog about everything I publish once it become available.

My publishing goals for 2013 are a little messy (and long!) but basically as follows:
–Publish 2-3 new novels as both ebook and paperback (depending on when I finish them, available editor time, etc.)
–Publish 2-3 collections of short stories as both ebook and paperback (depending on what I write)
–Publish some short fiction (again, depending on what I write)
—-For example, when the Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds anthology comes out in April, I plan on publishing a couple of the short stories leading into “The Guardian Hound” as well as the novel soon afterward. How many of the related short stories is really going to depend on whether I write another one or two.
–Release three short stories as audio books
–Partner with someone to produce at least one novel as an audio book
–Improve my covers
–Improve my publishing website
–Improve my blurb writing
—-I’m taking classes this year to cover the last three

And yes, I plan on doing all of that while still writing like a fiend. I did it this year. I can do it next year as well.

I wish everyone a very safe, happy, and productive new year!

2012 Publishing Numbers

It’s time for those retrospective things. I figured I’d start with some publishing numbers. Numbers of books sold and monies won’t be available for quite some time.

This was a good year for Knotted Road Press, my publishing company. Here are my year end numbers:

11 POD
12 short stories
3 collections
3 novels

Total titles: 18
Total published: 29

I count POD in addition to titles, though strictly speaking it’s the same title, published twice.…