What is Book View Café?

Book View Café is a cooperative publisher. They publish a lot of books. There are over fifty members. Every book goes through a rigorous process, to ensure that everything BVC publishes is of quality.

My experience of BVC has basically meant, “let people do what they’re good at.”

For example–you do not want me to copy edit or proofread your book. Seriously. I’ll misspell my own name given a chance. There are people at BVC who are not only good at this sort of thing, they like it. Ditto for Facebook and some of the promotional things BVC does. (Shudders.)

However, if you’d like a cover for your work…that’s something I am good at.

Deeds of Men Baker's Dozen
Fire Sanctuary Approacheth the Wyvern

I’ve really enjoyed working with BVC. They’ve brought me some fantastic opportunities, such as audio recordings for the novels I’ve published through BVC.

Plus, I get a larger percentage of the sales price when I sell through BVC.

So go. Check them out.