This used to be the bane of my life as a writer.

However, I think I’ve finally figured out the trick to writing sequels and series. Mostly, though I tend to write trilogies, just three books, and no more, though I’ve started writing more. I’ve now marked series as complete when all the books are available.

For me, it’s very difficult to tell a continuous story over a number of books. Each book has to be different enough that I find it interesting, while the characters and the world remain the same (mostly). I’m learning, though.

I have finished my first trilogy (YAY!) The Shadow Wars Trilogy, which consists of The Raven and the Dancing Tiger, The Guardian Hound, and War Among the Crocodiles. It is contemporary fantasy with shape shifters and wildly different magic.

The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom trilogy has been finished! Read all three volumes:

The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom

The Maker, The Teacher, and the Monster

The Dwarven Wars

The Seattle Trolls trilogy is finished as well!

The Changeling Troll

The Princess Troll

The Fairy Bridge Troll

Plus the follow on trilogy, The Troll Wars, has been completed.

The Troll-Demon War

The Troll-Human War

The Troll-Troll War

And the Tanesh Empire Trilogy is also done.

The Glass Magician

The Desert Heart

The Ghost Dog

In addition, the Cassie novel series is now finished! The Cassie novels are fast-paced urban fantasy. They’re set in an alternative Minneapolis, where psychics are real (and regulated by the government) and the gods are real as well. Poisoned Pearls, Tainted Waters, Spoiled Harvest, and Bloodied Ice.

There is also a third Franklin novel, finishing off that trilogy. The Franklin novels are immersive, contemporary fantasy set in rural Kentucky. The trilogy of books is: Franklin Versus The Popcorn Thief, Franklin Versus The Soul Thiefand Franklin Versus The Child Thief.

I also have many individual novels. I will continue to write one-offs.

All of my works are listed over on Knotted Road Press.