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Tara seems like a perfectly normal person. She works two jobs to cover the rent, her boss takes advantage of her good nature, and she constantly studies so she can progress and pass into the next circle of witchcraft.

But a supernatural being takes interest in her, wanting to trap her soul.

A twisted look into the heart of Portland, the secret behind its bridges, and the magical battles that happen even among friends.

Circle of Air

Circle of Fire

Circle of Water

Circle of Earth

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More About The Witch’s Progress Series

One of the first things I developed when I started this series was the circles of witchcraft. Found here.

This series was originally entitled “The Witch’s Heart” as it was intended to be a play on both the fact that the Riprap man was seeking the hearts of witches, as well as it being something of a romance, or at least a story with romantic elements.

However, when I actually ended up writing the novel, no love interest or romantic elements developed. Instead, it became much more about community. So I renamed the series to be more reflective of the actual content, that is, about Tara’s progress, both as a witch as well as moving from being a more solitary person to becoming part of a large community.