Trulliç finds his home in the desert, amid the great stones he raises from the very sands to build the city and the underground rivers he bends to his will.

He can’t raise people, though. He’s all alone. Well, except for the dog, Riyune.

How can Trulliç encourage others to come and live with him, when he knows the emperor and his guards are also on their way? When he can’t promise peace?

Trulliç makes mistakes but he must overcome his past and make a better future. And protect the people will will come, seeking the magic of the city of Haylevi.

The Desert Heart—the second novel in the dark, epic fantasy Tanesh Empire trilogy—also continues Nadeem’s journey to discover her new magical powers and her place in the world.

Be sure to read the first novel in this immersive trilogy, The Glass Magician and the final book, The Ghost Dog

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