cutter-waramongthecrocodiles600x900Yvette lives in the French Alps. Celebrating the turn of the century with Mama, Yvette learns her true magic: she can hear the winds. Direct them to do her bidding.

It means the winds keep her cold. And she hates being cold.

It also means she knows all the secrets the wind carry to her.

Will that knowledge be enough to fight the soul-eaters? Or will they destroy the world?

War Among the Crocodiles—the final novel in the Shadow Wars Trilogy—continues this epic saga in the war between the shape shifting clans that have always lived hidden among us and the threat of the soul-eaters.

Sequel to The Raven and the Dancing Tiger and The Guardian Hound. Final book in The Shadow Wars trilogy.

About this Novel

This turned out to be a very emotional novel for me. Writer brain lied to me about how the novel was going to end. Then again, I had to lie to myself, or else I wouldn’t have gotten as involved with the characters as I did. I would have pulled my punches. Instead, I wrote it full out. I think it’s a powerful novel. I think you will find that as well.