Only three things interest Peter: dancing, finding a girlfriend, and hiding his raven soul. As a raven warrior, Peter copes with the modern world through strict training and even stricter secrecy.

When Peter meets Tamara, he senses her difference. Her specialness.

He learns, too late, that secrets consume her as well.

As a tiger warrior, Tamara’s main interest?

Killing raven warriors.

Be sure to read the other two volumes in The Shadow Wars trilogy, The Guardian Hound and War Among the Crocodiles.

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About this novel

Last year, I wrote a short story called, The Third Raven. When I was about halfway through the story, I realized I had an entire world in my head, and that I could easily write a longer piece set there.

This year, I attended a workshop where one of the assignments was to write a short story about a first date, set in modern day. I couldn’t figure out what to write for the longest time, and finally chose to tell a story about a modern day raven warrior trying to get a date. Almost all of the first chapter of this novel was written as that short story, with a scene at the end that wrapped everything up.

The other workshop participants kindly informed me that it wasn’t actually a short story.

So I went ahead and wrote this novel. I hope you enjoy it. As well as the two sequels.