The Popcorn Thief

Cutter_ThePopcornThief600x900Ghosts get stuck sometimes.

Franklin helps them move from this world to the next. Sometimes that means giving a ghost a ride so they can confront their killer. Other times, it means listening to the wind in his fields and the trucks blowing down the interstate and hearing the songs a ghost needs to sing.

Generally, Franklin happily does whatever a ghost needs. It’s his duty.

Then Gloria shows up. She wants Franklin to steal the crop of his rival, Karl—they compete every year at the Kentucky State Fair for the blue ribbon prize for who grows the best popping corn.

Franklin’s no thief. His mama taught him better.

But something else is out there, hiding in the fields. Something much worse than a ghost.

A creature that’s not interested in stealing crops, but in taking people’s lives and powers.

A thing that Franklin and his family must stop.

Also read the sequel, The Soul Thief.

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Published Feb 2014

Background for The Popcorn Thief

Way back in 2010 I came up with the idea for The Popcorn Thief. I was taking a marketing class, and trying to learn how to write and pitch novel ideas to New York.

I started with the title first, actually. I had no idea what the rest of the book was about, but I loved that title. It was kind of silly, kind of light, and I just kind of went from there.

The very last battle of the novel was one of the first things I thought up when I created the outline for the book. (Seriously – it was always going there.)

When I started to write the novel in 2013, I was struck by the profound sense of quiet that Franklin had.

Normally, I have a soundtrack when it comes to a book. Or rather, the characters frequently inform me about the music they want to listen to.

With Franklin–there was no music. He only ever listened to the sound of the wind blowing through his corn fields, the whoosh of trucks blowing by on the nearby interstate.

Franklin also has as a deliberate manner. He’s very solid in who he is and what he does.

And yet, this character still had some changes to go through. Some things to learn and do. Not just in this novel, but in the next one as well.

I had a tremendous amount of fun writing this novel. I hope you have as much fun reading it. Franklin is one of my favorite characters. There will be more Chronicles of Franklin.

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