Ghosts get stuck sometimes.

Franklin sees it as his duty to help them pass along from this world to the next.

His newest visitor? A scared white boy, wearing shorts, his legs scratched up, not proper funeral clothes.

Franklin knows that even if the police believed him, a black man talking about dead white boys just leads to more questions, more trouble.

Especially when everyone else thinks the boy is only missing…

Franklin Versus The Child Thief-the third novel in The Chronicles of Franklin-revisits rural Kentucky, Franklin’s acquaintances as well as family, and the complications of both when twisted together with magic.

Be sure to read the first two books as well, Franklin Versus The Popcorn Thief and Franklin Versus The Soul Thief.

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Background for Franklin Versus The Child Thief

I always knew that there was a third Franklin story. I took notes for it, actually, while I was writing the second one.

It still took me a while to get to the novel. In part, I was putting it off because Franklin really is one of my favorite characters, and I knew that once I finished this novel, there would be no more. In part, because I had to find Franklin’s voice again.

In one of the first scenes, when Franklin gets some bad news, he doesn’t panic. His heart doesn’t start beating harder. Instead, he takes a deep breath, widens his stance, then tells the person to go on with the news.

That’s the essence of Franklin to me. That deliberate calm.

The other thing that comforts me is that I know there is always going to be someone like Franklin to just say no to the bad people in his world. 

There may be other stories set in this world, following the other characters, like Tommy perhaps. But for now, Franklin’s done.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I have.