A bomb explodes on a busy street in Minneapolis, just before the annual Aquatennial celebrations. None of the pre-cogs in the city sensed the disaster before it occurred. None of the post-cogs can catch a glimpse of the bomber.

Cassie thinks she can solve the case. But no one listens because of how she acquired her powers.

Seems sarcasm can only get a girl so far.

Tainted Waters—the second novel in this fast-paced urban fantasy series—casts our favorite smart-mouthed lesbian down the rabbit hole with insane gamers, jealous gods, and shadowy corporations.

Be sure to read the first novel in this series, Poisoned Pearlsand as well as the rest of the novels:  Spoiled Harvest. and Bloodied Ice.


I never imagined that I’d write a series about Cassie, the smart-mouthed lesbian who’s the main POV character for both Tainted Waters and Poisoned Pearls.

I actually didn’t get the idea for the second novel until I wrote Chapter 12 of Poisoned Pearls. It was Sam who kept yammering at me (as characters are wont to do) and demanding more of her story.

I hesitated writing the sequel, though. I’m not very good with writing series. I have what I call “butterfly brain”–always flying off to write something new.

However, I got a brilliant piece of advice from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, who told me that the key to writing sequels was to make each story unique. Same characters and world, but completely different novel.

That enabled me to write Tainted Waters. For me, it’s a completely different novel. Cassie isn’t drifting, but she is trying to find her place in the new world she’s been shoved into.

You don’t need to read Poisoned Pearls to understand Tainted Waters. I tried my hardest to make sure that the second book was understandable without the first.

However, I do believe that reading the first will enhance your enjoyment of the second.

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