Siren’s Call

Siren's Call Kai never met Mama. But based on her own abilities, and those who call her kin, she knows Mama wasn’t human.

Kai finds things. In post-Katrina New Orleans, everyone’s lost something, though most can’t afford to pay.

Kai’s latest client, a siren, hires Kai to find her sister. Sirens need both men and water, and can call them.

The kidnapped sister is being held on dry ground…

…while another storm brews off the coast of New Orleans.

Read the prologue and first two chapters.

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About this novel

In late fall of 2009, I had just turned off the lights and was about to go to sleep when my muse pokes at me.

“By the way, here’s the next novel.”


“Also, you need to move to New Orleans. To do research. Just saying.”

Who am I to ignore my muse?

By October 2010, I’d moved to New Orleans to do novel research. I stayed there for six months, and tried to faithfully reproduce what I’d seen in the novel I eventually wrote.

Including the lady in the wall.

The Lady In The Wall