HuliI Transport started with a short story, and the idea that even immortals and gods can use a transportation service. 

Eventually, though, the idea grew much bigger. Huli Intergalactic was inspired by the following:

In the end, physics fails Humankind. The only way to travel the vast distances between the stars is by using magical portals.

So now, you have aliens, gods, wizards, and of course, mundane people, all mingling in space.

There are several short stories, as well as three novels, all set in the same Huli universe. I have more novels planned for this universe, as well as short fiction that I’ve written but not published. Stay tuned!

Fox and Hound – The original story

The Immortals’ War – Connected series of stories, including “Dancing with Tong Yi” and “War on All Fronts”

Transformations – Short story and the origin story of Ao Dan, who works to create the portals

Origins – The origin of Huli Intergalactic

The Strawberry Girl – Takes place a couple thousand years after Origins on an alien planet