My darling Kiera passed this morning, Thursday, November 30, 2023. She was at least eighteen and a half years old. I adopted her in March, 2006, from a no-kill cat shelter. They estimated she was at least a year, possibly a year and a half old at the time.

Two weeks ago, I’d taken her in for her semi-annual checkup. So glad we had that baseline.

Monday afternoon she threw up, as kitties are wont to do. Monday night, though, when she threw up a second time, she was in pain and distressed. She refused to eat anything after Monday morning, though she was still drinking water, right up until the very end.

Tuesday, I took her back to the vet. She’d gone from 10.9 pounds down to 8.3 in two weeks. We got fluids into her, anti-nausea medication, and got blood drawn.

Wednesday morning, the blood work came back. Her kidneys were shutting down.

I already knew she was at the end. This was just confirmation.

All day Tuesday and Wednesday she slept hard and heavy. She might have been a bit uncomfortable when she woke up, but mostly, she was fine.

She took a serious turn for the worse Wednesday night. She was restless, couldn’t get comfortable, was no longer sleeping,, and I could tell that she was in some pain.

Thursday morning, she passed.

She was the bestest kitty girl ever, and will be sorely missed.

I have well over a thousand pictures of her. Here are just a few of my favorites.