This is the title of the StoryBundle that I’m putting together. I need novels (NO collections) that are in the Paranormal Women’s Fiction genre, dealing with magical women of a certain age.

I prefer a mystery focus, NOT romance. There can be a slow burn going on in the background, but the primary focus cannot be a romantic relationship.

Must be at least 30K words, and either stand alone or be the first in a series.

The StoryBundle runs for four weeks starting July 26, 2023.

Your book CANNOT be in KU during this period, and the book cannot be free anywhere.

You all know how StoryBundle works. (See if you’re not familiar with it.) I curate the titles, pull together between ten to twelve books, and we launch the bundle. Everyone promotes heavily—I have a BOGO planned, and I’d like to interview the authors in the bundle ahead of time, so there will be some easy, ready-made posts for people to like and share.

Your book must have a top-notch cover. It also can’t have been in a StoryBundle before.

If you have a title that you think fits, EMAIL me the cover of the book, a description, a link to the book, and any marketing ideas you may have. LRCUTTER at GMAIL. I’d like to skim all the books in the bundle before we go live, so I’ll at least be familiar with what is in the bundle.

Deadline: June 15, 2023, or as soon as I have all the novels I want, whichever comes first. Chances are, this bundle will fill LONG before the deadline. So if you have something that fits, let me know sooner rather than later.