I had cataract surgery done on both my eyes in March. The blur is all gone, and I’m seeing clearly.


I have tremendous glare when I look at any light. This isn’t just at night. This is daylight, looking at the lights in my kitchen. I always see lens flare or glare around every single light.

Quite frankly, it sucks. I feel as though in some ways, my eyes are significantly worse now than before the surgery.

Went to see the eye doctor yesterday.

Only about 10% of the people with the types of lenses that I got develop glare. So I’m special, as always.

Is the glare permanent? Possibly.

There’s a physical component to the glare, caused by the new lenses.

One of the reasons why I got the surgery was so that I never had to wear glasses any more.

It turns out that in order to help cure the glare, I’m going to need to wear glasses again.


Seriously. Lots of grrrrr up in here.

The glare, even if it’s temporary, can take up to six months to go away.

Much more grrrrrr.

There’s also a psychological element to the glare. My brain may decide that I’m supposed to see all lights with glare and lens flare attached. If that happens, I’m stuck with this forever.

Which is seriously not how I want to live my life. Grrrrr.

Therefore, I’ve decided that if the glare isn’t significantly improved after a month of wearing the glasses that I’m going to a hypnotherapist, to see if we can’t convince my brain that glare is bad.

So we’ll see what happens. My hope is that I’m able to convince my brain to start filtering out the glare. I’m spending a lot of time meditating and breathing deeply and trying not to notice or fixate on the glare when I see it.

Honestly, I’m not happy about this. I’m working my way toward being more optimistic, though.

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