Kickstarter dragon ad
I finished the Dragon novel today! Huzzah!
I’m really happy with how it ended. The epilogue and last chapter felt very satisfying to me, particulalry the last few lines in each.
I even celebrated. Had a very small piece of chocolate, then took Blaze and I out to dinner tonight. I don’t always celebrate finishing a novel, but this one needed to be marked.
The novel came in at 74K. I’ll go through it in a month or so, send it first to Blaze to read, then to another friend, just to make sure that I haven’t lost the funny any place along the way.
Tomorrow, I have a short story to write for UA about dragons. It’s the origin story for a different series that I’ve thought about writng, a kind of post-apoc urban fantasy after magic has returned to the world.
Then I get to start the next novel, which yay!
In the meanwhile, figured I’d also mention that I have this Kickstarter still running…
Met with the designers on Monday. Hoping to have samples of the “dragon skin” by the end of the week.
That’s all for now.