After the Fall, Day 2

For those of you who missed the first post, I fell and hit my temple hard enough to give myself a minor concussion. I’m fine. Also, I already had a doctor appointment scheduled for this week, so will check in about it with him. Though I’m tired from not sleeping well for the past couple of nights, I’m fine mentally, still sharp, so I don’t think I gave myself a serious head injury.

I’m limiting my screen time, which is odd for me. Never really done that before. I’m writing this with my eyes closed. Can’t really do fiction this way. As long as my fingers are in the right place on the keyboard, it all comes out fine. Plus, I’ve turned up the warm hues on the computer screen, so it’s more orange, less blue when I do look at it.

I have these wonderful bags full of beans that I keep in the freezer. Generally, I use them when I have a bad headache or a migraine. They’ve been very handy with this injury. Every few hours yesterday I laid down with one on my face to help with the swelling. Will do that again today.

About 6 PM last night I felt as though the swelling took a turn for the worse.

That was when the purple started showing up. Before then, there’s been some bruising over and under my eye, but it was mostly green.

At that point, I had developed a dark purple swatch over my eye. By the time I went to bed it had covered my eyelid.

This morning, was shocked at my appearance when I looked in the mirror. There’s now a large swath of deep purple under my eye. Blaze says it’s the blood in my brain that’s draining. I can see my cheek when I look down because it’s so swollen.

The site of the injury hurts, but most of the horrible headache that I had yesterday is gone. However, I’m also learning that I really bounced my head against that table, as I feel like now I have a case of minor whiplash developing in my neck.

As I said before, am limiting my screen time, which sucks because I have so much to do! I am going to try and write a little, see how the fiction goes, writing with eyes closed. Have a wonderful story that I just started. If I’d been able to write yesterday would probably finish it today. But I could not write yesterday, and knew better than to push myself.

Instead of spending time on the screen, I’ve been listening to podcasts off and on, as well as knitting. Maybe about a third of the way through my new scarf. So pretty!

I know some people said day 2 & 3 would be worse than day 1. I feel as though it’s a mixed bag. Less headache, but more body aches. Still taking it easy. Not even getting in 2000 steps.  Sitting with a kitty curled up and snoozing beside me.

Have you ever had to limit screen time? What did you do instead?

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