A Fall

First off, let me just say that I’m fine. A little bruised, sore, and shaken, but overall, I’m doing fine.

For those of you following along from home, we’ve been having issues with our furnace since the end of November, and are having to replace the entire system. (If you’ve ever thought about buying books, supporting us on Patreon, or possibly following our first Kickstarter and backing it, now would be a good time and especially appreciated.)

The person who did the bid for the system told us that it would take 3-4 days to replace everythng.

The crew that came out on Thursday said they could do it in 2.

Guess who turned out to be right?

It wasn’t the fault of the guys installing the system. They were (and are) excellent, and were here working until 8:30 Friday night. Things went wrong, though, and so now it’s the weekend and we have no heat in the main house, and won’t have heat until Monday at the earliest.

Luckily, we’re prepared for that, and the wood-burning stove keeps the main room and the kitchen nice and toasty. (Plus, it isn’t stupid cold outside, as it was when the furnace went out the first two times.)

The downside is that we have to get up in the middle of the night to add logs to the fire. Blaze and I take turns. He did it the night before last, so I did it last night.

However, I believe that I crouched down in front of the stove for too long at 2 AM. (Stupid log wouldn’t light.) I stood up, took a step back toward the couch, then everything went dark and I kind of collapsed.

I smacked my temple *hard* against the table next to the couch. We figure I gave myself a minor concussion, based on how my body reacted after that. I have quite a bruise forming around that eye now, turning all sorts of pretty colors. My hand/wrist is swollen. And I have some impressive bruises forming on my leg as well.

Today, I have a massive headache. I’m still a little shaky. I have a *much* better understanding of how a head injury can affect a character in a story, and I intend on using that. (^_^) I did try to write fiction this morning. Got about 100 words and decided it probably wasn’t smart to push anymore.

Blaze in particular wanted me to write this post so that my female friends wouldn’t get angry at him because really, I look sort of like an abused spouse with all these bruises.

For today, I’m listening to podcasts. May try to read some. Might knit a little. And sit and purr with a kitty, who’s been a little concerned today, sticking close to my side.

How about you? Have you ever had a concussion? This is my first one. Not recommended, not even a mild one.

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