It’s day six of COVID. I feel as though I’m making good progress on the recovery front.

The first time I had COVID, I was sick for seven days, then took another seven days to recover.

This time, I appear to only have been really sick for four days. I started recovering yesterday, and am feeling even better today. Fingers crossed that it’ll only be another couple of days of recovery.

I took a COVID test last week. Unsurprisingly, it turned up positive. I will admit that I had some hope that it would be negative, that this would turn out to just be a bad head cold.


The instructions for the at-home tests we have state that you need to wait fifteen minutes for test results. That second line showed up after six minutes. It was really obvious that I was infected.

Looking out on the interwebs, I found that 80% of people test negative after eight days. I’d been planning on testing today, on day six, since I’m feeling so much better, but now, I’m going to wait until day eight.

I haven’t had a lot of brain these past few days, but I have managed to get in some writing. One of the things I’ve found is that my “what happens next” gear is pretty stuck. If I figure out what happens next in the novel before I sit down to write, the words come easily. Trying to make stuff up on the fly grinds things to a halt quickly.

I seem to recall that was my problem the first time I had COVID as well, that it took about a month for that gear to fully recover. Fingers crossed it won’t take that long this time. Though if it does, at least I’m prepared for it. I have a pretty good plan for overcoming that issue, involving more time sitting and plotting things out.

I do find it interesting that even when I figure stuff out ahead of time, there’s so much that writer brain still adds in when I start the actual writing, things that surprise me, keep the story fun.

It’s cold and rainy here. I’ve been drinking a LOT of tea, actually going through my huge stash and finishing off some of it. I’m re-reading something instead of reading something new. Re-reading is something that I so rarely do, it’s almost novel. (^_^)

The hardest thing has been isolating. I’ve stayed in TH2 this weekend, instead of spending time with my husband. I’d already brought the kitty over to the main house, so I’m all alone over here. Every time I go over to the main house, I wear a mask.

I still have the two statements up on my board, “Get Better,” and “Don’t Push.” I will really need the second reminder next week.

So that’s what I’m up to this weekend. Sitting, drinking tea, reading, and recovering. You doing anything fun this weekend? Tell me all about it so that I can live vicariously through you!