Desk With ComputerI have a new work desk!

My writing desk continues to be one of the best things I’ve ever invested in. I love that I can move it up and down, easily changing from sitting to standing.

My work desk was strictly a standing desk, which worked for me.

Until I borked up my knee, back in November of 2020. Standing as much was no longer an option. I kind of, sort of, could sit at the work desk, But mostly, I got in the habit of sitting with my laptop in my lap, which is horrible in terms of ergonomics.

When I moved to TH2, I kept my work desk, assuming that I’d be standing most of the time once my knee healed.

However, the old work desk just wasn’t working for TH2. It wasn’t right, and it took me a long time to figure out that I really needed another sit-stand desk.

I ended up buying legs that I could crank up and down, then attaching my own top to them. It is bigger than my original desk. Not by a lot—36” instead of 32”. You wouldn’t think those extra four inches would make a tremendous difference, but they do!

Wood half covered

For the desk top, we took scrap plywood and cut it to size. (Needed help doing that phase. Though we have a table saw, the piece of wood was just too big and bulky for me to handle on my own.) I sanded it smooth, then covered it in contact paper that looks like green marble.

Desktop covered with paper

OMG I love it. It’s perfect. I can stand in the afternoons when I’m home, working, then I can sit in the evenings, when I’m more tired. It’s set up so that I’m not looking down anymore, and my neck and shoulders have really appreciated that.

Kitty is the only one who hasn’t been terribly happy with the new arrangement. When I’m sitting or standing at my desk I’m *not* sitting with her on the blue chair. She frequently complains to let me know that I’ve been working too long and not paying enough attention to her. It kind of guarantees that I’ll take breaks, though never long enough as far as she’s concerned.

Desk lowered