For those of you playing along at home, I’ve been having fatigue issues all year. Finally got my thyroid levels checked and all of the hormones were below range. My doctor upped my thyroid medication by 25%.

It’s been three weeks since I’ve started taking the new thyroid prescription. WOW. It’s made a tremendous difference. That deep exhaustion that I’ve been battling with is mostly gone.

I hadn’t realized just how much I’d internalized my fatigue until this week. My cat woke me up at 5 AM a couple of days ago. (We call it the kitty alarm, when she gets up early and throws up. There isn’t anything wrong with her. She isn’t sick. She’s just old and sometimes she gets hairballs.)

I couldn’t go back to sleep after that, so I got maybe 6 hours of sleep.

I was all prepared for it to be a sucky day. I had assumed that I wouldn’t be able to write.

Eventually I realized that no, I was okay. I could write.

Instead of being exhausted, I was merely tired.

And that makes all the difference in the world, at least for me in terms of writing.

So I am finally starting to feel like my regular self again. Fingers crossed that my thyroid doesn’t start to act up again.

ION, later this morning I go and see my knee surgeon, my one-year check-up. I’ve recently been having my masseuse work on my knee directly. Before now, while it was still so painful to the touch, I didn’t want her to do much with it.

That, too, has made a tremendous difference. If I was to do a repeat of this, I would have her start working on the knee directly earlier, despite the pain. All the muscles around my knee clenched up when I injured it, back in November of 2020. They are only just now starting to finally loosen up. It’s been a process.

Due to the thyroid, I’ve gained weight. Last year, I lost weight before the surgery and while it was a pain it wasn’t really a problem.

This time? Wow. It’s been a very difficult process. I don’t know if that’s because of my age or because I started trying this before I got my new thyroid prescription or what. My hope is that since I feel that the thyroid meds have really kicked in this week that it will go smoother.

Part of the problem is that I wake up every morning with a headache. It shouldn’t be low blood sugar, as I’m in keto, and so I never have high blood sugar. I’m switching around a few other things in my diet to see if I can get rid of my headaches. I’m stubborn enough to write regardless, but I’d like to not have to stubborn my way through my mornings.

It’s started raining here. (Finally!) In some ways, it feels as though we moved directly from summer into winter. My poor arthritic hands aren’t thrilled with the change of weather. Fortunately, I got new braces and that helps.

And today’s Friday! Yay!

What are you looking forward to, either this weekend or this next week?