For those of you playing along at home, about six months ago I got diagnosed with fast-growing cataracts. Doctor said I’d need to get my lenses replaced in three to five years. One of the other things about fast-growing cataracts is that they start in the center of the lens. Regular, slow-growing cataracts start along the edges.

Just this last week, I noticed that words on my computer screen were starting to get a bit fuzzy, and that my glasses weren’t helping.

I didn’t get new glasses this year. The prescription changed a little, not a lot. I started wondering if that had been a mistake, if I should have gotten new glasses.

Then, last night, I was looking at the thermostat for the main house. It’s set into the wall just at eye level. It’s a small screen, with white letters against a blue background. All of it was slightly fuzzy.

I don’t know what prompted me to tilt my head back and to look at the screen through the bottom of my eyes. But I did.

Suddenly, all the letters and numbers were sharp and clear.

I shifted back and forth a few times, making sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing, that I wasn’t just being paranoid.


My vision is definitely a little blurry when I look straight through my eyes, through the lens. Everything is still legible. I can still read. This morning, I upped the size of the text on my screen, to make everything more legible.

If my insurance would pay for cataract surgery now, I would do it. I’m going to have to wait, though, until my eyes get bad enough that they’ll pay for it. How bad will my eyes have to get before the insurance will pay for it? I don’t know. The thought doesn’t bring me joy, though.

Just another lesson in patience, I know.