Past Crimes Story Bundle

Past Crimes Ad

Woo AND hoo!

Not only do I have a book in the Sci-Fi Stars of Summer Humble Bundle, I also have a book in the Past Crimes story bundle!

The book in question is a collection of my Rabbit stories, which have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine as well as Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem. They’re cozies set during Tang Dynasty, China. Rabbit works as a law clerk, spending his days with contracts and land leases. At night, however, he spends times with his friends and solving mysteries.

But there are other really, really cool books in this bundle as well! Like Kris Nelscott’s Smoke-Filled Rooms, which is another Smokey Dalton book, set in Chicago in 1968. And there’s Melissa Yi’s novel, Scorpion Scheme which is another Hope Sze medical mystery thriller, with an ancient Egyptian twist.

And there are others! Really great books that I get to read. And you do too! All of them are available now for a really good price!

Not only can you TEN books, you also get the chance to help a charity, Able Gamers, which creates opportunities for people to play, thereby combatting social isolation. And believe me, we all kind of need that right now. (

So get your copy of the bundle today! Before it disappears…

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