Humble Bundle Promotion Time!


Yay! I have things to promote! Always an exciting part of a writer’s life.

I’m actually not being sarcastic. Having stuff available in cool neat packaging is thrilling. Particularly when your book happens to be included with some of your favorite authors in the same package.

Take the Humble Bundle Stars of Sci-Fi Summer. Sure, I have a book there. The Complete Labors of Darius Linard. It’s all about Darius, who starts off losing everything. His dad. His spaceship. The portion of the asteroid belt that his family has been farming for years.

At least the person who captures him has some standards. Sure, he’s an indentured slave for the foreseeable future. But she also will allow him to work off his debt, while giving him a really good technical education.

Then, things go sideways. Really sideways. Like, off the charts into alien territory sideways.

But there are other cool books in the bundle as well! Like Linday Buroker’s Fallen Empire Omnibus, which includes books 1-3. There’s a Sterling & Stone starter set, that includes 7 novels, the starts of a bunch of their series. There’s a previously unpublished book by Frank Herbert. The Diving Series books 1-3 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. There’s an omnibus of The Science Officer by this guy named Blaze Ward. And SO MANY OTHER COMPLETELY AWESOME BOOKS!!!

Thirty five books in total. Which you can get for cheap! All the books for as low as $18. But really, if you pay $25, for the THIRTY FIVE BOOKS, you’re also sending money to the charity First Book, which is providing books and other resources available to children in need.

It’s an amazing deal. But it will only last for a short while.

So go! Get yourself some good things to read!

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