Marathon, Day Two. 10,000 words and 10,000 steps! 

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was awake from 1 AM to 4 AM.

I was afraid that this might happen sometime or another during the marathon. I hadn’t planned on it rising up so soon.

I made the decision first thing this morning that I could sacrifice steps for words. That is, doing 10K words was much more important than getting in 10K steps.

And honestly, I’ve only done 9K so far today, by 5 PM. But I have no worry that I’ll get the last 1000 in before the end of the day.

The story is going along swimmingly. I really like what I’m writing, really am having a lovely time with it. I don’t know if the story is any good. I’m writing too fast and furiously to really stop and think about it.

My gut sense is that this book is going to provide an emotional wallop to the reader. Hopefully in a good way.

I’ve fallen into a pretty good pattern, and I reach speed early, when I start writing. I’m generally doing 1500 words every hour. I spend three hours in the morning, getting in about 4500 words. Then I take a long lunch break, make myself some coffee, and start the afternoon. I’ll write the first couple of hours hard, taking my total words up to 8000, then I’ll take another longish break, about half an hour or so, before I push through to the end.

Hopefully tonight there will be more sleep. Then tomorrow, more words and more steps. Every day thru Friday.

I won’t finish the novel during the marathon. These novels are long. But I will be able to finish it next week sometime.

Wish me luck!