Day One Writing Marathon!

10,000 words, check!

10,000 steps, check!

I’m working on book four, and the last book of this series, which is currently called, “The Fallen Elves.” I spent last week going through books two and three, adding things and cleaning them up, but also getting the world and the characters back in my head.

I’d been concerned about doing a marathon, could I write 10K words in a day?

Turns out, yes I can.

Today, day one, was actually one of the easiest first days that I’ve ever had in terms of marathoning. No idea if the rest of the week will remain this easy. But I’m really happy that today was. I just fell into the words, into the world, into writing. I slept okay last night, not great. In the morning, the walking was more difficult than the writing.

I anticipate that I’ll crash early tonight. Hopefully I’ll sleep well. It’s hot this week, but TH2 is pretty well insulated. Plus, that cement pad under the house is always cool, which means the tile floor is always cool.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow!