Writing Marathon, Day Four

It’s Day Four of the Writing Marathon! 10,000 more words written, 10,000 more steps taken! 

As I suspected would be the case, today was mostly easier than yesterday. It was easy to start, easy to fall into the words, easy to walk.

For the first three days, I’d been having a half-caf iced coffee after lunch. That little jolt of caffeine was certainly useful.

Today, I didn’t do that. And I think my writing in the afternoon suffered for it. I still got my words in. But in the middle of the afternoon, they were much more of a struggle than they had been.

Then again, I was at a part of the novel where I really didn’t know what was going on. I know most of what comes after this part. Just not this part in general. So I spent an hour writing a lot more slowly than I had been. Probably took 90 minutes just to get 1000 words done.

But I’m really pleased with that section. It was just what the novel needed, in terms of grand battle and fighting.

Tomorrow, I take a hard look at the last 1000 words I wrote. There’s something off there, and I’m not sure exactly what. Hmmm. Just thinking about it, I know now what I need to do to fix it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be fixing that last part I just wrote. As well as moving the story along, another 10,000 words.

The story isn’t finished yet. And it won’t be finished tomorrow. The story is between 54-58K. So I’ll finish it next week.

In the meanwhile, I’m finally sitting in air conditioning, letting my brain melt as I recover.

Wish me luck for the final push!

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